General Transit Feed Specification (GTFS) data is used to integrate transit information into popular applications, including Google Maps. Trillium provides web-based software that makes it easy to produce and maintain GTFS data.

Trillium specializes in information design for public transit. We build attractive websites that make service information clear and easy-to-understand, and which conform to accessibility standards.

Trillium helps transit agencies to navigate technology standards, and business and design choices.

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Rural and intercity transit—the wheels are turning

Aaron and I both attended the 21st National Rural & Intercity Bus Transportation Conference October 26 to 29 in Monterey, CA. For both Aaron, who’s been in this industry for now over 7 years, and for myself, being new to public transit last year, this conference was monumental. We were invigorated by the work being done across the country by agencies and departments large and small to bring greater mobility to the residents of the United States. We were also excited by centrality that technology, accessibility, and rider-centricity were given by all conference participants. These three themes were put front-and-center [...]