General Transit Feed Specification (GTFS) data is used to integrate transit information into popular applications, including Google Maps. Trillium provides web-based software that makes it easy to produce and maintain GTFS data.

Trillium specializes in information design for public transit. We build attractive websites that make service information clear and easy-to-understand, and which conform to accessibility standards.

Trillium helps transit agencies to navigate technology standards, and business and design choices.

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The future of transportation is in open data, not centralized control

I’ve seen this rolling around social media: the Helsinki plan to create a centralized transportation network offering truly mutli-modal trip planning and a unified payment system, accessible through a standardized smartphone application. It’s a really impressive vision.

Helsinki’s plan, I think, is developed in recognition that to offer the same flexibility as single-occupancy vehicle travel, we need a “multi-modal supernetwork”: one with great public transportation, car-sharing choices, convenient taxis (like Uber), rideshare, bikeshare, and a good bike lane network. But a transportation network with so many options becomes complicated to navigate, so Helsinki has also included information systems to make this [...]