General Transit Feed Specification (GTFS) data is used to integrate transit information into popular applications, including Google Maps. Trillium provides web-based software that makes it easy to produce and maintain GTFS data.

Trillium specializes in information design for public transit. We build attractive websites that make service information clear and easy-to-understand, and which conform to accessibility standards.

Trillium helps transit agencies to navigate technology standards, and business and design choices.

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Invest in transit, and riders will come

Attitudes toward public transit have been changing in the US for some time, but there’s been more evidence recently that the Millennials (previously known as “Gen Y”) continue to be a driving force of that change.

A new report from USPIRG compiles the research from a number of studies over the last decade, including one we highlighted on our blog a couple years ago. Younger Americans are driving less and using alternative transportation modes—like walking, biking, and public transportation—more than previous generations. Some reasons are temporary: the recession of 2008-2009 cause some people to resort to public transit due to cost, [...]