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Trails and Transit: Trillium on KHUM’s “Happy Trails”

Earlier this month, I was on the radio with KHUM’s “Happy Trails” program. I spoke with hosts Cliff Berkowitz and Emily Sinkhorn about the mission of Trillium and how the work I did with Green Wheels and Humboldt State University 7 years ago informs our current work with public transit agencies.

The mission of Happy Trails, to see a regional trails and bike lanes system across the Humboldt County area, is much like the mission of Trillium itself. Public transit is part of a wider picture, which allows mobility in conjunction with other modes of transportation including rider-owned bikes and bike sharing, car-sharing, and intercity/international transportation systems. Coordination between these systems can help people move from one place to another, but also simply help them move by connecting them to recreational trails and encouraging active transportation.

In 2007, I helped Humboldt Transit Authority become one of the early agencies in the nation to publish GTFS data, making the transit system easier to use and navigate. But this project was originally part of the mission of Green Wheels, which aimed to promote all types of mobility in the Humboldt County area, in particular a Humboldt Bay Trail connecting Eureka and Arcata. Today, it is possible to plan public transit trips from Humboldt County to neighboring systems in adjacent counties, including trips to the nearby Redwood National Park. Humboldt County’s multi-modal transportation system continues to grow.

Check out the recording of the Happy Trails program here. We had a great discussion of how public transit fits into these other transportation networks and outdoor recreation. And contact Trillium if you’d like to learn about how we can help your public transit system connect with other mobility networks in your region.

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GTFS in the World – Workshop on Open Transit Data (Washington DC, Wed, Jan 15)

If you are in town for the Transportation Research Board (TRB) Annual Meeting, join me, other transport technologists, and policy-makers at “GTFS in the World” a workshop on open transit data.

This is a follow-up to the GTFS in the World event in November 2013.

When: January, 15 2:30PM to 5:30PM
Where: Organization of American States Padilha Vidal Meeting Room (Terrace Level), 1889 F Street NW, Washington DC

Full information for GTFS in the World here (please RSVP).

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Critical Transit Podcast Episode #44

Jeremy Mendelson publishes the Critical Transit blog and podcast, a journal of best practices in sustainable transportation.

I was recently interviewed for Critical Transit Episode #44, “Transit Data, Marketing & Communication with Aaron Antrim”.

If you have thoughts or questions, post comments here or on the Critical Transit blog and I will respond.

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Video and slide decks: Public transit at the Oregon Active Transportation Summit (OATS)

On April 24th, the Oregon Active Transportation Summit (OATS) discussed public transit in the session “A network greater than the sum of its parts: Public Transit + Active Transportation”. Video and available presentations below.

Panelists (links direct to available slide decks):

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